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FDA Approves Anti-Obesity Drug Qsymia [VIDEO]
Less than a month after the FDA approved weight loss drug Belviq — the first anti-obesity drug to gain federal approval in over a decade — the agency has signed off on Qsymia, another medication to help combat the nation’s expanding waistline.
Kelly Clarkson Shows Off New, Trimmer Figure
Kelly Clarkson showed off her new, trimmer figure at the ABC and Entertainment Weekly Upfront party in New York City this week. Wearing a spring-appropriate, strapless floral frock that accentuated her toned arms and smaller waist, Clarkson, 30, looked amazing.
Proud Of My Buddy Bear!!
Most of you know my buddy Barry Long!  He's a long time radio personality, and we have spent a stint of time working together on our sister station 102.7 KORD.
I'm proud to say, that when" Bear" puts his mind to something, that man can make it happen!
Weight Loss Resolution
Many of us made a New Year's resolution to lose weight. I did and so far I'm doing okay, how are you doing? Here is an extra tip that might help you reach your goal.

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