Drinking Red Wine Is Good For Your Teeth
You know that moment after you've been drinking red wine? When you look in the bathroom mirror and realize you've looked like a vampire for the past hour, because your teeth are purple?  Don't worry . . . that's the color of health and wellness.
Tagaris Winery Food Wins National Praise From Zagat!
Pacific Northwest wines are slowly winning over the world's connoisseurs. One Mid-Columbia winery just won over the world's most-famous food critics! Zagat Surveys, maybe the most respected independent food-rating system in the world, recently included Tagaris Winery in its TOP 8 WINERIES …
Great Food & Wine Tri-Cities WA at 3 Eyed Fish
I had a work lunch today at 3 Eyed Fish Wine Bar!  I of course didn't get to have any wine because I was working. But, I did notice they have a preservation box, so you can order by the glass even some of the higher end wines like Leonetti...

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