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Do You Know About Washington’s Weird World Records?
Washingtonians are very talented people. We have so many great and wonderful qualities, and apparently, we'll spend top dollar for a really great hot dog! Washington state holds several world records set by the brave few who wanted to hold really weird world records...
Kennewick Man Breaks World Record Squat 755 lbs
RAB fitness of Kennewick hosted a power lifting event sanctioned by the United States Powerlifting Association. 107 athletes from all over the USA and Canada, competed for over $4000 in prize money. A world record was broken on Saturday February 15th by Kennewick resident Josh Spaeth
Beyonce’s Pregnancy Shatters Twitter Record
You know you’re a star when your pregnancy breaks records. Reports state that after Beyoncé debuted her baby bump at the 2011 VMAs on Sunday night, 8,868 tweets were sent. Per second. That’s a record for most tweets posted per second.
Quarter Ton Belly Button
This man is now likely more famous than you, because he stuffed five dollars worth of quarters in his belly button and posted it on YouTube. You are probably asking "WTF?" and we are too. Here are your choices:

He lost his Helly Kitty change purse and this was the next best thing.
His laundr…