Bradley Yeater, a 3-year old Tri-Cities native, took it upon himself to help spread joy by painting and coloring personalized cards for the patients of a local home care company.

His grandmother, Ricki Pederson, is a Community Outreach Manager for Nuclear Care Partners—an organization that provides benefits guidance and in-home care for former Hanford workers who have become sick as a result of their workplace exposure.

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“Bradley is a very sensitive little guy at just 3 years of age,” said Ricki. “He’s used to having a very hectic social life which unfortunately has pretty much come to a halt because of the shelter in place.”

Bradley is also a proud baker, carpenter, superhero and is quite crafty at home. “So, after being told how everyone had to stay at home and not go outside—even the very sick people that grandma helps—he decided he wanted to make something for all of them that would put a smile on their face and add a little cheer!”

Bradley Yeater Behind the Scenes
Bradley Yeater Behind the Scenes

Bradley spent days crafting and decorating the cards and is thrilled that his artwork will bring smiles to some of the people who need it most. His genuine and innocent care for others has brought light, hope, and joy to his community.

“He’s very concerned about everyone and spends a lot of time looking out the front windows of the house to ‘make sure nobody is sick out there’,” said Ricki. “He has even stopped his TV shows to run and check, numerous times.”

About Nuclear Care Partners

Founded in 2011, Nuclear Care Partners proudly provides EEOICPA benefits guidance, advocacy, and no-cost in-home care to former atomic workers who have developed serious illnesses due to their workplace exposure to harmful radiation and toxic chemicals. Their founding belief holds that these brave men and women, who enhanced our nation’s security, deserve kind and compassionate care. As a commitment to quality care, Nuclear Care Partners was the first licensed medical provider enrolled in the Department of Labor program to receive accreditation from Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC). Their passion to serve every community in need has led to expansive growth as they serve hundreds of former atomic workers across the nation. For more information call 509-420-5222 or visit

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