It is really easy to shop for yourself, but shopping for your parents on Father's Day or Mother's Day can be tough. Now that I am a dad myself, I can feel your pain when it is that time once again. Here are a few ideas from me, and an even better video of cool ideas that I found this morning.

Of course the easiest thing to do for most dads would be to buy anything belonging in the electronics section: movies, video games, or if you want to be really nice, a new TV. (Dads, if you get a new TV, you can thank me later.)

Every Dad has his main interests, and those gifts should be easy for you to find.

Of course all dads would love something simple just as much. A drawing or a card made especially by you. I know some of my favorite Father's Day gifts so far have been those kinds of things.

What ever you do for Father's Day, just make sure that he knows that you love him, and it will be guaranteed to make his day! For more ideas, watch the video: