As of the end of February, the ratings are near identical. NBC's "The Voice"and Fox's "American Idol" are both popular this year. I however, think "The Voice" is superior in nearly every way.

Here's why "The Voice" is the better show:

  • Singing competition shows are the same boring formula: a stupid, annoying host and three or four judges who don't know anything about music, and sub-par performers. The performers sing and the judges tell them how good they are. LAME.
  • The Voice is at least a breath of fresh air with a new formula.
  • The judges actually compete with each other. They take part in the training and guidance of their group of performers. Their team. It makes for a very interesting dynamic.
  • Instead of just saying Yea or Nay, the judges have a personal investment in each person on their team. Sometimes the best guidance you're going to get from anyone is from someone who's been there. In this show, it can really make a difference in the contestant's life.
  • At least it's something different. In the duets, for example, they have to blend, but also need to find a way to shine. It's like vocal jousting or rap battle. Sometimes it brings out the best. Once, two people went at each other, and at the end they were both amazed at how good it was they were hugging. They pushed each other to another level.

From an "American Idol" fan:

  • Having the judges invested in the singers is weird. It means they praise the potential they see instead of the performances given. "Idol" judges are honest. "Here's what it's going to take for you to succeed."
  • Having the judges also be the coaches makes the show a tutoring session, not a contest.
  • The judges desk is objective. The red chairs looks spacey and over-produced.
  • The whole performance set up on "The Voice" is cheesy. "Idol" gives everyone one shot on the stage for the same amount of time. Sink or swim.
  • The auditions on "Idol" are INCREDIBLE -- almost as good as the real show.
  • Ryan Seacrest is such a professional. Carson Daily acts bored all the time.
  • "Idol" lets you get to know contestants from when they're normal people until on the verge of stardom. It's fun to watch the progression.