If you're into 'retro', Richland is your spot. The Uptown Shopping Center has antique stores, comics, cartridge era games, records, etc. But I just got my mind blown in Yakima.

Here's a name you need to know, 1UP Games. It may not look like much, but when you start to look around - you know you're in the right spot. They have boxes and boxes of new inventory just sitting around waiting to be inspected. They had three copies of 'Donkey Kong Country' for Super Nintendo! It was the bee's knees. It was like a warehouse stockpiled with video games. I was filled to my core with envy.

I started talking with the cashier while I thumbed around through titles, and supposedly they're hoping to branch out into the Tri-Cities soon. If that ever happens, I'll never leave the store.

It was one of those days where I wished I had $500 in my pocket, but I did walk away with  a copy of 'Batman Forever' for SNES - a fine addition to my collection!

1UP Games in Tri-Cities? Sign me the heck up!

Video Game Controller
Lewis Wright

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