If you're like most people, your Facebook account is filled with people you're not actually friends with.  And that might finally come in handy.

There's a new app called Agree It that lets you borrow money from your Facebook friends, and then pay them back at a lower interest rate than most banks offer.  Or no interest rate at all.



The way it works is, you send a loan request to multiple friends, then wait for offers and negotiate the terms.  Or you can do it the opposite way and offer to lend money.  But there's no legal contract that actually requires you to pay the money back.  So . . .



The company behind it says it's a great alternative to payday loans, or a way for entrepreneurs to raise money if they have bad credit.



Meaning, that friend of yours who has an idea on how to revolutionize salad tongs can now hit you up for seed money . . . then apologize when they lose it all . . . and the only thing you'll be able to do about it is unfriend them.