With this icky inversion layer continuing in our area I think it's a great time to discuss this topic 'Nookie'. This grey gloom is putting me in a dismal mood, so now is a great time to turn my frown upside down. A new survey is out about lovemaking. Let's check it out.

(Photo From:Digital Vision)

A new survey by Lovehoney reveals that 7:37pm on Saturdays is the most common time for couples to make love. Other findings:

  •   the most desired time to make love is 4:33pm
  •   45% of couples are so busy they 'schedule' lovemaking
  •   Saturday is the most popular time for lovemaking (44%) followed by Sundays (24%) and Fridays (22%)
  • 10% of people make love in the morning because of work pressures
  •   62% of couples regularly have 'date nights'