I think they are! Granted some are closer than others. And some I've never actually met in person.

But, most of the people that are my friends on facebook that I have NOT met in person, have been nothing but wonderful to me!

One facebook friend, curried a bicycle for me from Boise Idaho to here, and another brought me  a horse he wasn't using,  for me to keep for my boyfriend to ride. I've since bought that horse, and both those people have become my friends in person as well as facebook.

Yesterday I was having a bad day and said so on facebook and instantly there were like 25 friends giving me "virtual hugs and words of encouragement.It was wonderful and lifted my spirits!

So for me, I DO think of my facebook friends as real friends even if I haven't met them. I think it's nice that we can all connect and be there for each other even if it is only "virtually."

Am I silly and naive? Is that just plain sad? Lol!

Let me know what you think...