Everybody's looking forward to the cotton candy, elephant ears, Navaho tacos, turkey legs, sausages, mini doughnuts, sweet potato fries, zuchini fries and more at the Benton Franklin Fair! Have you tried the alligator yet? And who doesn't fantasize about deep-fried Twinkies, cheesecake and Snickers? I've even heard of deep fried butter! Well, below you'll find fair foods that were a surprise to me! Check out my list!

Here it is:

  • Chicken fried bacon
  • Bacon dipped chocolate
  • Deep fried Oreos
  • Deep fried avocado bites
  • Spaghetti and meat ball on a stick (served with dipping sauce)
  • Fried frog legs
  • Hot beef sundae (it only looks like a sundae)
  • Pizza cones (they look delicious!)
  • Krispy Kreme chicken sandwich (this looks disgusting)
  • Fried Coca-Cola -- Google this one and your mouth will water!
  • Key Lime Pie on a stick
  • Giant cream puffs (yes please!)
  • Fried bubble gum

Here are a few more suggestions.