I read in today's Tri-City Herald this story about breastfeeding and I remember when I was breast feeding my youngsters 20 or so years ago, it was an issue back then!

It seems to me that something so natural shouldn't raise such a fuss. But, I suppose for those who aren't raising kids or who simply not comfortable with it, It can raise an issue.

Seems to me, if we have courtesy and are sensitive to the people around us, it should be possible to meet a compromise.

I always felt it was the best thing you could do for your child so I didn't understand. And there is nothing sexual or inappropriate about it. And mothers TRY to be discreet.

Here's the story from Tri-city herald:

It's already against Washington law to discriminate against public breastfeeding, but the Seattle City Council on Monday specifically made it illegal for businesses and other entities to ask nursing moms to stop, cover up or move to a different location in public areas.

The council unanimously approved a measure that adds a mother's right to breastfeed her child to a list of protected civil rights, such as race, color, disability and religion - allowing the city's office of civil rights to enforce the law and educate the public about the issue.

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