Well, most people know I am a huge fan of Bret Michaels! I just find him amazing!  He has accomplished so much!  He appears to be a guy that enjoys what he does, has the energy and ability to go for his dreams in life and actually succeed at ALL of them! Plus, okay..I'll just say it! He's sexy as hell and he really seems like a nice guy!

Amazingly enough, through it all he has had diabetes, a brain hemorrhage and more!  To anyone else that would have probably been devastating! But, He just gets up and goes at it again!

And, he seems really HAPPY!  I admire him. I always have. Plus I love his music... (And yes, he grabbed my hand from the stage at the fair when he was here in concert and I thought that was sweet.)

He was on The Talk TV show on CBS today and I caught part of the show.

"Rocker, philanthropist, entrepreneur and most of all, a true survivor Bret Michaels shares some hard-earned lessons about taking control of your life. Here are his four tips on getting the most out of life":

­1. Make family a priority.
2.­ Find balance.
3. Be a dreamer and a realist.
4. Find your passion.

I think the list is right on the money! How bout you? What 4 things stand as your list of guidelines?