When Your Sunflowers Are Spent, Try This!
I always save some sunflower seeds for next year. I've roasted them before, but the ones at the convenience store are just so much better LOL. So don't trash all those awesome seeds. Try this!
Notice I left the bird feeder empty so they'll eat them...
20 PUPPIES!!! West Richland Animal Shelter Needs Your Help
According to Adopt Shelter Animal Pets / West Richland  They received 20 puppies and need a Lil help:
We are in desperate need of Puppy food!! We have 20 puppies! Any donations would be greatly appreciated!!! Donations can be dropped off at Petco in Richland in the donation bin...
A Peek at the New FARMCITY Pro Rodeo Venue
Thanks to Farmcity pro rodeo for having 1027 KORD on opening night!
3 months ago if you would seen the rodeo grounds, you probably would have thought there is NO way this will be ready in time.
Because of hard work, volunteers and determination they were able to open on time...

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