How Cleo the Cat Made it From Pendleton to Bellingham for Christmas!
The Egan family of four was moving from southern Utah to Bellingham, WA when they were in a serious car wreck near Pendleton Nov. 27.
The family is OK, but the dog died in the accident, and the cat ran away.
Then the East Oregonian newspaper in Pendleton asked readers to keep an eye out for Cleo …
Holiday Table Scraps Almost Killed My Friend’s Dog
Good friend and co-worker Lon Martin's dog got into a garbage bag in the garage that had a turkey neck in it. The bag was drawn up but not tied and waiting to be hauled through the snow to the garbage can. Here's Cooper before he ate the taboo neck bone...
Get Fur-Kid Photo’s With Santa at Petsmart Saturday!
This Saturday December 17, from 11am-4pm PetSmart is hosting their Furever Home for the Holiday Adoption Event.  In 2016 your local Kennewick Petsmart has helped find homes for an over 700 pets through their in store adoption program featuring local adoption agencies.
Animal Shelters Need Your Help in Moses Lake
Animals shelters in Moses Lake have called for community support this fall because they're struggling to care for their animals. The shelters are short on dog and cat food, as well as toys and blankets for the pets.
Are You Breaking the Law in Tri-Cities?
Recently the Pasco police posted about a dog that fell out of the back of a truck while traveling over the bridge...fortunately the dog was ok!
Is this legal? can someone drive around with a dog in the back of a truck?
RCW 16.52.0...

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