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Bicyclist Stopping Traffic Arrested After Police Find Drugs & Warrant
A bicyclist that was stopping traffic for ridding in the middle of traffic was arrested after police found he had a warrant and lots of drugs on him. Police first contacted Leon Larche in Kennewick off Clearwater and Edison after getting reports of a cyclist blocking traffic and makin…
Police Need Help Identifying This Woman, Do You Know Her?
This woman allegedly used a stolen credit card at multiple locations and now the Richland police need help identifying her. If you have any information that would help in this case please contact Officer Hayter at mhayter@ci.richland.wa
Police Warn of New Deadly ‘Blue Pill’ Found Recently in Tri-Cities
There is a deadly new pill being spread around the Tri-Cities and the police want you to know about it. The pills look like blue prescription pills but are really made by a drug dealer and are made with Fentanyl, a synthetic opiate that is 50 to 100 times stronger that morphine...
Local SWAT Called for Fake Hostage Situation
Local SWAT was called to a hostage situation that ended up being all in the head of a man that needs mental health. A woman called police stating that her son called her and said that an unknown man was in the house and had two women held hostage with a gun according to news reports...

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