Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson Goes to China [VIDEO]
Russell Wilson took his football skills to the top of the Great Wall in China. Wilson and his wife Ciara have been touring Shanghai and Beijing on an adventure with Nike and Alibaba taking in the culture, the sights, meeting fans and inspiring young athletes...
Escape Eclipse Blindess with Special Free Library Glasses
Excitement is building for the many venturing out to catch the total solar eclipse just a bit south of us in Oregon on August 21st, the first total solar eclipse since 1918. Being in the path of totality is a truly breathtaking and once-in-a-lifetime experience...
10 Best Places Along the Washington Coast
Everyone loves the Oregon Coast. Washington's beaches are just as good, but harder to get to. That means the quality is the same, but less crowded! Someone recently asked where the best spots are along the coast and here are the survey results:
You’re Not Dreaming, Rural Washington Roads ARE That Bad
A new report says an unacceptable 21 percent of rural highways in the state of Washington are poorly rated, that's the 12th highest in the nation.
According to TRIP, a national non-profit transportation research group based in the nation's capital, the study also cites 5 percent of the stat…

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