Cracking Glass Walkway Terrifies Tourists!
If I had my way, everything would be as cool as this. I mean, why just make a glass walkway, when you can make one with super special effects that make it look like the glass is actually cracking! Genius! Hilarious! I want one! LOL
Football Voice Makes Harvey Weinstein Joke and Apologizes?
On Sunday Night Football, Al Michaels made a joke referencing the NY Giants and accused Hollywood sexual deviant Harvey Weinstein. I thought it was damn funny. After some negative social media comments, he apologized. Can't anybody make a joke anymore without offending someone...
Arby’s Serving 100% Deer Meat Sandwiches!
Last year, Arby's served venison sandwiches in just a handful of states popular for deer hunting. This year, every Arby's in every state will be rolling them out! But for one day only...Saturday, Oct. 21st!
Take a look:

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