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Couple Pulls Gun on Bad Guys and Get Their Stolen Car Back!
Imagine you're a bad guy. You steal a nice Range Rover and head to McDonald's. The owners of the Range Rover also just happen to go to the same McDonald's and have concealed carry permits. Now you're a bad guy at the business end of a hand gun...
Beer Chilled in 10 Minutes: Not Magic, Science! Learn How Here
Our neck of the woods will be aggressively hot over the next couple of days, and if blowing the froth off a few barley pops is your desire, but the thought of warm beer is a real deal breaker, well now, thanks to science, here's how to get chilled beer in under ten minutes for the rest of your …
30th Combine Demolition Derby This Weekend in Lind
From this:
To this:
The 30th Annual Combine Demolition Derby is this Friday and Saturday in Lind. Something to see on your bucket list that you will absolutely never forget. Bands and beers and all kinds of in-between smash 'em up heats entertainment...
Infamous Serial Killer’s Childhood Home is Haunted
Most people from the state of Washington shiver when the name Ted Bundy is mentioned. One of the world's most infamous serial killers grew up in Tacoma Washington where he later preyed on and murdered many women beginning in the 1970's.
2 Men Ran Over at Campsite, 1 Killed in Possible Racist Attack
One man was killed and another seriously hurt when a man in a truck intentionally ran them over at their campsite near Hoquiam, Wa and then fled the scene. That 31 year old still unnamed man from Hoquiam was arrested Tuesday night according to news reports...

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