Weird News

Kennewick Police Arrest Drunk Man for Donuts
Not those kind of donuts!
Kennewick police responded to a report of a black Dodge doing donuts in the parking lot of the Marine Land Village and a near-by grocery store (probably Albertsons across the street) according to their Facebook page...
Is This the Dumbest Tri-Cities Criminal Ever?
Is this the dumbest criminal in Tri-Cities or just a guy who really, really loves to garden?
On the Pasco PD Facebook page, one of the officers made a post about a woman's Rose of Sharon plants being dug up and stolen from her front yard...
The Ultimate Perfect Beaver Shot
Now that's a headline.
And the story backs it up.
Louis-Marie Preau, a photographer, spent two to three hours a night lying perfectly still on the bank of a river trying to catch THE picture of a lifetime, of the Eurasian beaver in action...
Mans Fashion Apocalypse is Upon Us: RompHim
You have got to be kidding me. This is what the dudes are wearing?
ACED Design has put together a romper for men, so instead of the Romper, it's the RompHim, get it?
This piece of ridiculousness is a one piece shirt and shorts for men with a zipper fly, an adjustable waist, deep front poc…

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