When I was little and living in California, we would dress our horses up in lights and Santa Hats, bundle up and go Christmas Caroling on horseback!

It was a blast!  Wall had so much fun! We'd bring hot chocolate and we'd ride through our favorite neighborhoods

We'd stop in a big group in front of houses on the street and sing our hearts out! People would hear us down the street and come down the block and stand and watch us all sing!

I've done it on foot as well, but I of course preferred it on horseback!

People appeared to enjoy it!  They'd come out and offer us more cider or hot cocoa, they'd want pictures with us and lots of times wanted to heist one of their kids up on our horse with us for a photo op.

Recent survey says "Most people hate Christmas Carolers!"  Is that true?  Tell me what you think. Click on the link and re-post a comment below. Attached is a Video of some carolers on horseback. It reminds me of what we must have looked and sounded like! It was alot of fun! I'm game to go this year if anyone else wants to join me!