I was talking to a landscaping company the other day, and I found out that I was watering my lawn all wrong. I have a lawn with a dirt base, not a sand base, and the way you water each kind is different. He said that a lot of people are making the same kind of mistakes in watering and I thought I would share the info I learned.

I always see sprinklers going on and off all day in my neighborhood, but that is not what you should do according to him. If you water multiple times every day, the grass gets used to not having to work hard for water and the roots grow shallow. Then when it gets hot, like it always does here in the Tri-Cities, the grass turns brown because of the shallow roots.

Instead, try watering each zone in your lawn for about 20 minutes once every other day around 4am, and your roots will grow much deeper. That makes a lawn much greener and healthy. 20 minutes was just a guide he gave me, but you can adjust from there. If you seem to be flooding in an area or the grass is browning, increase or decrease accordingly. He did say that early morning is by far the best time to water.

Some other tips he had were to aerate the lawn once a year, either in the spring or the fall. Aeration allows for the water and nutrients to seep in easier and more even. Also have your yard fertilized multiple times a year, but make sure you do your research if you do it yourself. You can create a lot of damage if you over fertilize, so be careful.

I changed my water schedule and noticed a big change in the color of my grass in less then a week. I hope it works as well for you as it has for me, good luck.