Linda Johnson is a Kindergarten teacher at Sacajawea Elementary School in Richland. She was nominated for 98.3 The Key's Teacher of the Month award by Laura Perryman. Here's what Laura said:

I have custody of my great nephew... for almost 2 years. At his daycare he would not listen or follow rules... This started interfering with my work. Kindergarten started and the first week Mrs. Johnson called me concerned with his behavior, instead of getting rid of the "problem" child, she helped find a solution. She would call me everyday to let him talk to me or just to fill me in with his day. We took him to a specialist as she recommended and wow what a difference this has made! Mrs. Johnson would call me after school, which means from her home, during the evening on her own time and talk with me. As of today he has done a total tranformation. Mrs. Johnson and her team went above and beyond what any teacher has ever done for my family. Still today she will email me telling me about his day and how he behaved! This is what teaching is all about."

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