Leonid Mamchenkov

In the Tri-City Herald today there was an article about a man who lured two young boys out of their car while their mother was in a Kennewick store. He lied to them saying he was a firefighter and the mom had broken the law by leaving them in the car. He told the 13 and 7 year old to go inside the store and find their mom or he'd go in and arrest her.

You can probably guess that when police found the (intoxicated) man they arrested him.

Seeing as the boys were sitting in the car on a hot July day, I am a bit conflicted as to how I feel about this story.

I don’t know whether to think the 45-year-old man is a weirdo or a good Samaritan. The fact that he lied about being a firefighter to get the kids out of the car was a little strange, but should a mother leave kids, even older kids, in a car alone on a hot summer day?