I was doing some pondering this morning... Thinking how incredibly blessed I am to be able to make a living doing what I love! I think EVERYONE should be able to do that! I was never a 'traditional' learner. I wasn't great in school... most subjects in school just bored me to death! But, I have always been ALL about the MUSIC! So it's no mistake that I am in Radio!  Music is what enables me to express and feel! And experience emotion. And working a job that allows me the flexibility to Sing, play guitar and perform weekly, is just perfect for me!

When I was young...I was the LAST person in my class to learn my times tables. For the life of me I could not do it! Nothing on paper made sense to me. It seemed impossible for me to learn things that came easy for so many. And I had the most difficult time focusing.

It wasn't until my mom got me a record that 'sang' the times tables in a rhythmic song that I was able to learn math at all!

It's a bit embarrassing to tell you this. But it's just the truth! I never even considered College!  That seemed like a NIGHTMARE! My brother is a Genius Computer Programmer  and my sister has her PHD in Mind Body Medicine! . Both of my siblings are brilliant!  And then there's ME!

I did graduate from high school. (but barely) I was in to Gymnastics, and Dancing, and Cheer-leading, and Drama, but most of all I was into MUSIC!

So imagine my horror when more than anything in the world, I wanted to learn how to play guitar. (My favorite instrument) Bu,t every book I picked up and every teacher I went to, made me want to run home and cry! NONE of it made sense to me and I simply could NOT grasp the concept of this amazing instrument at all!

Until, I met the guy that would become my boyfriend for a few years, who happened to be a magnificent guitar teacher! With an incredible Guitar curriculum! We ended up performing together for a few years. Tony Woods developed the Sisni Guitar Method and his Guitar School of Richland. And FINALLY the guitar made sense to me!

I feel so blessed to have met him and have him show me that I actually COULD learn how to play guitar! In a way that FINALLY made sense to me! His method is so simple, I have to wonder what is wrong with everyone else! Why didn't THEY just teach me like this! I could have been playing for decades! Grrr!  Tony Woods is a fantastic teacher and has developed his own guitar curriculum that makes it actually easy to learn, right from the beginning!. I so wished I would have met him when I was 10. I would be tearin' it up by now!.

But I am just happy that I can now play and perform weekly and feel confident that I can follow my passion and do what I love. So, Thank you Tony Woods! Check out his website and guitar curriculum with online tutorials and books! He will be running a "Seize the Deal" Special  too on Friday (I think) for special discounted rates on books and lessons. His website is GuitarSchoolofRichland.com