When it comes to TV series, Big Jim & Stacy Lee always give two thumbs up to NBC's "Harry's Law." We had the privilege to talk with guest star Erica Durance not only about the show but also what it was like being raised on a turkey farm.



Highlights from the interview:

Jim: "Kathy Bates looks like my mom. If I watch something like 'Delores Claiborne' I get really sad and depressed for a few days."

Erica: "I've worn a lot of costumes... I wonder what that says about me psychologically?"

Erica (about guest appearance in a Wonder Woman costume): "It's a very important role that speaks about domestic violence against women...  she enacts her own vengeance for others because she can't for her own situation."

Erica (about being repeatedly named one of the sexiest women alive): "It's bizarre; you have your own opinions about yourself. But you'd be lying as a chic if you didn't say, 'Well, that's nice' ... I'll keep that data down so I can show it to my children and say, 'Look, I was hot once.'"