Long car trips can be hard for children. With summer comes road trips. Are you prepared?

"Are we there yet?" are words that every parent hates hearing!

It's good to have tools ready to keep kids occupied. This is why I recently asked friends, family, and other experts how they keep kids occupied during long car trips.

Here are some great tools to help entertain your kids!

Babies and Toddlers:

  • Bubbles
  • Balls (soft)
  • Tupperware
  • A small plastic Mirror
  • Puppets

Pre-School - 2nd Grade:

  • Masking tape - (kids enjoy sticking it)
  • Post-It notes (same idea)
  • Metal tray with magnets
  • Coloring books and crayons
  • Story Books
  • Play Doh
  • Bubble Wrap

Older Kids:

  • Digital camera (cheap cameras can provide hours of fun)
  • MP3 (cheap with music and audio books)
  • Card-based games (old maid, go fish)
  • Mad Libs