First, let me introduce myself, my name is Aj.  I am the new guy on The Key from 10am to 3pm weekdays.  Some of you already know me from my old job, but i may be new to a lot of you.  For the last 8 years I have lived in Tri Cities and managed a local radio station that you might have heard of...(hint: it rhymes with hour).  Anyway, I won't get into to much detail, but after all that time I needed a change.  It was that change that brought me to you.

I have a beautiful wife that teaches high school in Pasco and a 3 year old daughter that I adore.  We also have 2 Jack Russell's that are a little crazy and a couple salt water tanks full of fish, coral, and stuff.  I am a musician at heart and come from a very musical family.  I played trumpet for over 7 years, guitar for over 8 years, and sang through most of my school days because my mother made me...although I never thought I was very good.  Maybe that's why  I love radio broadcast so much, I don't have to sing.  I look forward to meeting you, if I already haven't...and thanks for listening!