My sister Beth and I flew to AZ recently to see to the care of my father. He had been admitted to the hospital and we had to figure out long term care for him, set up a living will, and find a home for him  for when he was discharged.  Finding all the resources and information for all we needed to know, proved to be quite a task. I thought this information might be helpful to pass along in case any of you are going through similar circumstances.

We received some good information from the Pima Council on Aging there in Tucson.

Here in Washington you can go to

And let me just say that although it was traumatic and challenging, it still seemed like the right thing to do.  We were estranged from my father for most of our years and weren't quite sure how it all would play out.

I'm happy to say that although traumatic and stressful, I'm happy that we have done everything possible to see that he is cared for and safe and know that he is loved.

I'm including pics from our  time there in AZ. Some of you know my sister Beth Haggett who lived here in Tri-cites for lots of years and now lives in Utah.

We stayed with my wonderful friends Robin & Roger  Pettit who opened their home to us, so we wouldn't have to pay for hotel.

And we were able to see my brother Randy  who lives in Tucson (who has a different father) and who we don't get to see very often!

I thought Tucson, AZ was beautiful, I would have taken more photos but didn't have time for much site seeing.