Traditionally we all eat turkey &  sweet potatoes etc. on Thanksgiving!  On Christmas, it's usually Spiral ham or Prime rib! And Eggnog is always out for purchase during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Is it even available to buy other times of the year?  I never cook a turkey at any other time of the year! I have no idea why! I guess I never think of it!

Infact I love sweet potatoes but do I ever make them at any other time but Thanksgiving? No!  But Why?

A turkey is about the easiest thing to make. And you can carv it up and freeze it and it can be ready for plenty of future meals. 

I think I'm going to change my way of thinking...and start making all the yummy foods I've been making during the holidays, for other times during the year too! Why not?  I'd love to eat some sweet potatoes more than once a year! How bout you?