I bought a new Citrus tree and I think it's so cute. It smells heavenly. It's for outside, but I'll have to put it in a pot and bring it in during winter.

I've never had a citrus tree inside before, I've heard that if you have enough air ventilation and sunshine, you can have them inside all the time. I am going to put mine out on my patio for the most part.

This one is a hybrid cross between a lemon, orange and mandarin. When mature, the fruit is rounder with a thin, orange -tinted skin, which tastes sweeter and less acidic or bitter. The tree grows in a rounded shape with glossy green foliage and fragrant white blossoms. Although the trees ar4e naturally shrub-like they can also be shaped into a tree!

I think it's pretty cool. And wanted to let you know in case you want one too! I may go get another one!

I bought it at Lowe's on Rd 68. They had plenty of them left.(Leave me one more please! ;) Lol

Okay, happy planting!