Every Mother's Day is special!

One year on Mother's Day, My kids Nick & Brenden, made me a special video on DVD. They drove to all kinds of different locations and talked about what lessons I taught them there,or what memory we shared doing a particular activity here, or something funny that took place at this or that location. They spent hours putting together the most incredible compilation of childhood memories!

It was amazing! And I will never forget it! I remember I couldn't stop crying, as it was so touching to see how much they actually paid attention to all those things that I had hoped to teach and experience with them.

Another year  on Mother's Day,  I went and got my horse from where I board him and I put him in my back yard to graze... Then I had both my boys over and we had a BBQ and hung out all day in the sunshine! (My dog daughter was there too of course so I felt like I had all my kids home!  It turned out to be a wonderful Mother's Day!

Other years my kiddo's have taken me to the movies or to dinner.  Sometimes we've  had to celebrate on a different week all together because our schedules are too crazy!  But,  however we end up spending the time together for Mom's Day, It  is always fine by me!  I just love that they care enough to make it important to make it a special time together!

I usually end up just sending  my mom a gift for mother's day because she is out of state. And sometimes I feel a little guilty because I don't  spend that day with her.

I definitely think it's important to show you appreciate and love your mom on that special day however you can!

So don't forget to do something special for your mom this year! Mother's Day is coming up on May 13th!