This weekend I decided it was time to purge my closet. Get rid of things I don't use clothes I don't really wear ect. Then there was the shoes. I probably have 75-100 pairs of shoes,flip flops,wedges,tennis shoes ect...and they were the hardest to part with well I looked it up and here are some surprising shoe facts!

A new survey by One Poll reveals that the average woman will spend $20,557 on shoes over the course of her life. Other findings:

- 20% of women have purchased a pair of shoes which 'left them in agony, but looked great.'

- 20% of women are addicted to buying shoes

What Women Spend On Shoes Over The Course of Their Life

Designer heels - $6,043
Plain black work shoes - $1,745
Summer sandals - $2,484
Plain black stiletto heels - $1,141
Beach flip-flops - $1,913
Cork wedges - $738
Power heels - $839
Casual boots - $1,477
Block-color pumps - $637
Black leather boots - $1,594
Gold strappy sandals - $805
Pastel-coloured wedding heels - $671
Red stiletto heels - $470

What Women Waste On Shoes Over The Course of Their Life

Unworn shoes - $1,678
Shoes worn once or twice - $2,686
Shoes we can't walk in - $2,182
Shoes we buy with no occasion to wear - $8,729