The other day I was rushing to get to my grandson's pre-school graduation and needed to eat, so my son and I stopped by a new to the Tri-Cities sandwich shop called GRAZE on Gage in Kennewick, can I just say OMG!! So good!

Photo By Stacy Lee

Right now I'm completely obsessed with Pastrami...Pastrami sandwiches that is. I don't even like sauerkraut but boy did Graze change my mind. BTW I'm not being paid to write this I just like to pass on when I find good eats! Graze does everything from scratch hence homemade pastrami and home made kraut...Simply amazing here's a link to their site so you can read their story. I will definitely be back!! My son had the turkey bacon pannini and it was amazing too...yes I made him give me a bite!! Did I mention even the chip are homemade!

(Photo By Stacy Lee