Greg Delange

I have a poltergeist in my haunted house, no joke. I've been running Terror Behind the Screen's sister haunted house in Yakima, Terror On The Ave. I'm the last one out at night and the first one in the next day. When I leave, everything is in its place. But some mornings when I arrive it looks like the photos I've shared below.

Just for fun we had a ghost hunter investigate the haunted house a few weeks ago. He said there was one area of the building that was giving off paranormal readings. It occurred to me this week that the messes are always directly below that spot!

Now, it's possible I've got a stray cat that's sneaking in. But considering I'm in there everyday and lock up every night, is it more likely I'm not noticing a cat or something supernatural is happening? Both are equally unlikely.

The ghost hunter said that paranormal beings do not like changes to their space. They frequently act out during renovations. Well, turning a former store into a haunted house is one major transformation!

Come see me in Downtown Yakima and don't forget that Terror Behind the Screen (across from the Pasco post office on Court Street) is now open THURSDAYS, Fridays and Saturdays 6-11 p.m. And starting this weekend, go through before 7 p.m. for only $7! And any day, any time, you can go through a second time for only $5 (same day).

Greg Delange