I shared this story over the weekend, but in case we aren't facebook friends, I wanted to introduce you to "Chester". Facebook will only allow me to have 5,000 friends. So, I'm so sorry if you've 'friended' me and I can't 'confirm'.

Anyway, if you listen to me on the radio, you know I've talked about how much gardening I've been doing and how much I wanted to get frogs and make a pond and  even get a Bunny, to have romp around my yard!

Well, Saturday morning, there was a bunny sitting on my back porch. He was loose. Just sitting there. I thought he'd run when I opened up the glass doors, but he hopped right up into my lap and let me pick him up! He's the cutest, friendliest bunny EVER! I'm just in love with this bunny!.

I'm building him a 'Bunny Lot' outside but he comes in at night to sleep.t. He likes to be in the house, but you'll see when I let him run around...he is a poopin' machine!

I really don't know how he got in my yard. Either someone heard me talking on the radio about wanting one and dropped him off. Or, he got out of someone else's yard.

I'm thinking he would like to stay with me..so that is what I'm hoping for! So here are some videos from when I first found him, and how that has all progressed.

Have fun watching...and don't laugh too hard when you see him pooping all over my house and on my guitar player Bobby Nelsen!