Well the Super Bowl is right around the corner. It is time once again to vote for your favorite commercial and it will the appear during the Super Bowl. The winner will receive  $1,000,000 and get to be on the set of the new Marvel avengers movie. How cool is that?  You can vote 1 time per day per devise. Check out the video's here:

TIME MACHINE.  Budget: $300
Creator: Ryan Thomas Andersen.  Age: 28.  Current City: Scottsdale, AZ


OFFICE THIEF.  Budget: $1,500-2,000
Creator: Chris Capel.  Age: 33.  Current City: Valencia, CA



Breakroom Ostrich. Budget: $1,700
Creator: Eric Haviv. Age: 30. Current City: Atlanta, GA



COWBOY KID.  Budget: $5,000
Creator: Amber Gill.  Age: 34.  Current City: Ladera Ranch, CA



FINGER CLEANER.  Budget: $7,000 (U.S.)
Creator: Thomas Noakes.  Age: 27.  Current City: Sydney, Australia