The Kennedy Curse is something Americans have buzzed about for decades. Now that Taylor Swift is dating a Kennedy naturally it makes me worry for the talented singer-song writer.

Taylor, don't get caught up in the curse. I like your music and want you to keep winning awards!

The curse is rumored to effect the family's nine children, thirty-one grandchildren, and sixty-five great-grandchildren and their spouses. The following events only validate my suspicions that the curse DOES exist!

August 1944 - Joseph Kennedy JR - dies in a bomber aircraft explosion over Suffolk during WW2
May 1948 - Kathleen Cavendish (JFK's Sister) dies in a plane crash in France.
November 1963 - President John F Kennedy is assassinated.
June 1968 - Robert Kennedy is assassinated.
April 1984 - David Kennedy overdoses on cocaine, painkillers, and anti-psychotic medicine.
December 1997 - Michael Kennedy is killed in a skiing accident in Colorado.
May 2012 - Mary Kennedy (estranged wife of Robert Kennedy Jr) is found hanging in her New York Home.

All of these events are very sad and VERY suspicious. I'm not usually superstitious but it's hard to NOT believe in the Kennedy Curse.

Taylor Swift, please stay away from the Kennedy's! Don't get caught up in the curse.