As you know, My boyfriend Tony & I perform around town every weekend. One of the places we play is Rd 68 in Pasco Applebees

We  do our "Acoustic Duet" the second Sat of every month there.   For their late night "Happy Hour" from 9-11pm.

So, we played there this past Saturday and had a really awesome time! The place was packed and the crowd was fun and appreciative!

There happened to be quite a few people that we knew and had seen before and I always love that! It's so comforting to see a familiar face in the crowd!

But, what is as equally fun, or even sometimes more fun! Is meeting people that seem to have known me for years! ( because they listen to me on the radio or have seen me perform)  but that I have never met!

So, Saturday  a group of lovely ladies, asked the waiter " Eddy"  if they could meet me and if I would come to their table on break. And of course I did!  I got to spend a bit of time chatting with them all and learning about them! And I love that!

It's always so fun to meet people that I've been communicating with all this time thru the airwaves, and yet have never seen their face!

So thank you Anya, Tanya, Lily, and Alina! It was awesome meeting you! Thank you for making me feel special and cared about! I hope to see you all again in the future! And thanks for "friending me" on facebook! Hope ya don't mind, I nabbed the pics you tagged!

And Thank you Ron Larsen, Kelly, Justin, AC and all the staff at Applebees Rd 68 for having us each month! We love it there and always have a great time!