Most of you have seen the video's from the birth and first few weeks of my pup! I went to pick him up in Boise over the weekend! We brought home 4 pups for delivery to others who were wanting them.

It was a hilarious puppy frenzy fiasco! there were six pups total and we stayed in a hotel with all six! I've never in my life seen such ravenous, playful...poopin, peein, pups in my life! They were adorable and it was quite an experience as was the trip home with four!

My son Nick  and his girlfriend Vanessa have one in Seattle, so it will be fun when they come visit for the brothers to be together!The other two went to a friend we met that drove down and met us from N Idaho!

My dog Crystal is already being a great big sister to "Ueey" And he did pretty good for his first night at my house last night. I have to admit, he fell asleep with me in my bed for the first few hours but then spent the rest of the night in his crate and slept till 6am!

For those of you who haven't been "keeping up" with my pup...He's a Purebred  Rhodesien Ridgeback. My best friend Joan who lives in Wyoming, had a litter and drove to Boise to meet up with me.

Please watch the video of my adorable baby boy and my dog (daughter) Crystal! It's pretty cute! Let me know what ya think!