The other day I listened to a girlfriend complain about her hubby spending immense amounts of time playing video games and it was driving her crazy!

She said to me that she has literally had it! Was fed up! And was seriously thinking of divorcing him!

I laughed out loud, to her dismay. NOT because that wouldn't drive me crazy too! But, because it made me realize how those sometimes seemingly insignificant things about our partners can drive us so crazy!

She said "What? You think I'm nuts?!" And I said "No, but... I think it could sound pretty ridiculous to a judge to say you were getting a divorce over your hubby playing to many video games!"

When I was in my college years, I broke up with a guy cause he was  on his way to becoming  a professional football player. And, through our dating days I envisioned myself  spending the rest of my life on a bench watching football! That did it for me. I broke things off.

Little did I know that years later I spent years on a bench watching my kids play football, basketball, baseball, etc. But, that was different. I didn't mind that at all!

Have you ever ended a relationship over something like that?

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