Most of you know I hardly ever watch television. I try...I mean I really enjoy some of the shows, but I turn on the TV so infrequently and it seems when I find something I like, I seldom find it again...or the season is now over, or they have pre-empted it, or they are running a re-run of the same episode.. Needless to say, I haven't had much luck with TV but I do have a few shows that I've caught occasionally and really enjoyed!

So the other night...X Factor was on and there was this amazing singer whose voice just brought tears to my eyes! I was so impressed!  Now, granted I haven't seen all the other singers in this competition, but in my immediate opinion...I thought he could be a definite winner!

 I found the video of his performance on you tube and thought I would share it with you. Funny I caught the very end of his first audition too and loved it. Here is his vid bio and 2nd performance.

 See what ya think...and comment below!