The National Night Out is a cool opportunity to gather with your neighbors, your local law enforcement, and learn about crime prevention. Richland is having a party at Howard Amon Park, Kennewick is having a party at Southridge Sports and Events Commplex and Pasco is encouraging people to do block parties with police participation.

But a recent survey said most people hate their neighbors! Find out why!

A big survey reported 60 percent of people say they have a problem with at least one of their neighbors. Here are the most common reasons why:

1. they block your driveway

2. They park in your spot

3. Their dog(s) bark(s) all the time

4. Their garden and/or lawn is a mess

5. You can hear them swearing outside

6. They're always fighting

7. Too many late-night parties

8. Their pets poop in your yard

9. Their children are always screaming outside

10. They want to be friends but you just don't have the time so you end up being rude