I won't say what store, but my friend was standing in line waiting to pay when he overheard the person in front of him asking for $20 cash back. The checker said, "Sure, but there's a fee so here's $19." Huh?

If you're paying with a debit or credit card and there's a fee for cash back, that's usually added to the charge on the card. I have NEVER heard of a store giving $20 cash but then keeping $1 of that cash for the fee.

That sounds like the checker is stealing from customers.

But my friend took a Facebook poll and all his friends say they shop there all the time -- a few said they know the owners -- and the employees are honest. One of his friends even asked about the incident when they went in later that day and the employees said, "Yeah, that's how we cover the fee we're charged.

What do you think?