Someone shot a person's cat in Pilot Rock (just south of Pendleton) a week ago. That's terrible; I hope they find the person. But I'm tired of cats roaming the neighborhood. Can't we keep them on a leash?

1. Cats are predators. When they roam the neighborhood they're looking for prey. If they catch mice and voles, wonderful, but they also kill songbirds and migrating butterflies. Song bird populations have been devastated in many communities because of cats.

2. Unwanted and feral cats are a huge problem. This Saturday is the 5th annual Super Pet Adoption event in Columbia Park. Come enjoy food vendors, entertainment, a silent auction, a clown and more.

I have a disturbing story about feral cats. I once heard of a popular ski resort (won't tell you which one) that adopted cats from a shelter to be feral in the woods around the resort. The feral cats kept the vole population down. So are there herds of feral cats at this resort? No, COUGARS EAT THEM! The shelter supports the plan because the cats live a great life in the meantime, and it's better to die a natural death than euthanasia.

3. Cats spray where they sleep. I can't tell you how many of my patio chairs have been ruined by cats spraying on them. Twice my life has forgotten to roll up her car windows and they've sprayed the inside.