Happy Birthday To Mr. Mister’s Richard Page [VIDEOS]
I was just discovering music in 1985 and I liked lots of different music and performers. But nothing spoke to me personally until I heard "Broken Wings" wafting from a boom box.
That's when I became Richard Page's biggest fan. You might not know his name, but you know his …
Kennewick Teen Gets a Call From Donald Trump!!! [VIDEO]
Donald Trump calls Stephen Owens to wish him a 17th birthday. It was the highlight of his day!!!  Listen to the whole conversation 
Then they told him it was just a comedian hired to play trump. ...Trump won't really be getting him a new car if he becomes president...
Win a Birthday Bouquet!
Tell us when your birthday is -- or that of someone you know -- and every week we'll pull a random submission to win a flower bouquet!
What Song Were You Conceived To?
Well since you have a short work week, and you will most likely be bored at work. We found a website that will tell you what song you were conceived to.
The Strange and Evil Truth Behind the ‘Happy Birthday’ Song
We went off the air for an hour this morning due to a power failure in our transmitter. It was not our fault and unpreventable. But now that we're back, it feels like my birthday! That reminds me, have you heard the twisted, weird story behind the copyright on the song "Happy Birthday?…

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