10 Best Books for Summer Reading
Has it been a long time since you read or listened to a book for fun? Here's a list of summer reading recommendations covering a wide gamut of genres that hopefully you've never heard before.
Best Bookstores in the Pacific Northwest
Growing up in Washington one of my favorite birthday traditions was receiving a really cool book from my aunt purchased at The Bookworm on George Washington Way in Richland. Great independent bookstores are getting hard to find, but the Pacific Northwest still has a handful you should definitely kno…
Lauren Brody From “Glamour Magazine”
Ladies, have you ever wondered what it takes to think like a man? Or maybe what it takes to land the guy you have had your eye on? Lauren Brody answers some of those questions in her new book "Always Hit on the Wingman".  Listen to the interview for the inside story on how the…
Seriously….I’m Kidding Book By Ellen Degeneres
Hi Everybody!
I had a little chill time over the holiday and finished reading the book by Ellen Degeneres that I bought a week or so ago at Barnes & Noble.
Now, you know I'm a BIG fan of Ellen!  I love her show and watch when I can. I find her hilariously funny! But …
Amy Winehouse’s Dad Is Writing a Memoir
Amy Winehouse‘s father Mitch has made it his mission to preserve his daughter’s memory, and what better way than in a book?
Since the 27-year-old British pop star died on July 23 of unknown causes, her dad has already set up the Amy Winehouse Foundation to help others like his …