Kennewick Hit And Run Suspect Identified, Warrants Issued
Kennewick police have now released the ID of the suspect they say hit a motorcycle rider Tuesday night near Walmart.
Police were called to 27th and Quillan after an older Camaro reportedly slammed into a woman riding a motorcycle. She was taken to TRIOS suffering from some non life-threatening back i…
Drunk Driver Ends Up Tooling Down Railroad Tracks
Early Monday morning, Kennewick police found a driver who was not only confused, but alcohol played a part in him ending up driving on railroad tracks near downtown.
Police were called to the area near Canal Drive and Benton Streets, and found this car about 100 feet east of the intersection...
It’s Official! Uber is in Pasco
On December 4th the Pasco city council took a vote. The majority voted in favor of allowing Uber in Pasco (5-2) clearly the positives outweigh the negatives.
The hang up was safety requirements and background checks. Feel free to UBER away pasco...

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