What Your Coffee Says About Your Personality
Let's face it we love our coffee and particularly in the morning.Here's some interesting research about how your favorite coffee can reveal about your personality. The research was done by clinical psychologist Ramani Durvasula
What’s the Best Specialty Coffee Maker? [SURVEY]
Most of you know how much I absolutely LOVE coffee! It's the one addiction I just can't kick.
I usually just use a drip coffee maker or sometimes a french press. But, when I went to visit my son in Texas, he had the Starbucks Verisimo they made me latte's every morning...
Which Professions Drink the Most Coffee?
Many of us enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning — but depending on your job, you may be more likely keep a pot brewing all day long.
In a survey of almost 5,000 US workers, Dunkin’ Donuts and CareerBuilder found our professions, age, and even the region in which we live can infl…
Starbucks vs. Dunkin’ Donuts — Which Is Better?
In one corner, we have Starbucks, the coffee conglomerate that brought the urban coffee shop vibe to people all around the world. All people have to do is look for that green, wavy-haired mermaid to get their caffeine fix.
In the other, we have Dunkin’ Donuts, the coffee brand that “America runs on” …
Five Useful Mother’s Day Gifts
If you really think about it, Mother's Day is the perfect opportunity to make up for all those times you gave mom a hard time during your youth. After all, a bouquet of daffodils now definitely excuses that time you snuck out of the house at 2 am. And a box of gourmet truffles? The perfect antidote …
Best Coffee in Tri-Cities – Our Top Five
According to the Coffee Statistics Report, Americans drink more than 146 billion cups of the stuff every year and its a daily "must-have" for more than 50% of the nation. Not everyone can make the best coffee, and it all comes down to preference on who really has the best cup of joe...but …

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