What Makes Someone Sexy? [SURVEY]
Someone recently posted on Twitter: "Ladies, confidence is sexy, not body parts." I totally agree and have felt that way for some time. Faith Martin thinks a muscular guy holding a baby is sexy. Remember the African tribes that elongate a woman's neck or lip because it's sexy? Or how in an…
Why Shy Guys are Sexy
(Flickr, Juliana Coutinho)
Mystery and intrigue surround the shy quiet guy in a room. Timidity has a disarming effect on women. A shy guy doesn't try to smooth talk or throw out cheesy pick up lines, which is refreshing to most women...
I Won’t Date A Guy Who…
With Valentines Day just around the corner, love is in the air!
And for those people that are single, it seems the search for Mr or Mrs RIGHT is always challenging.

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